Dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass will remain in effect until November 27, 2020.
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K -5 Family Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation is our parish's whole-family faith formation ministry for grades K-5 that enables parents to be the primary teacher of their child's Catholic faith. Three parts of Faith Formation for Families:

1) Monthly assemblies attended by the whole family in person or via zoom.

2) Weekly assignments, completed at home with the whole family.

3) Attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation regularly in person or as long as our Bishop's dispensation from participation at Mass remains in place, you have the option to pray along with the Mass via lives streaming.

All St. Agnes Parish families with children who attend public school in grades K-12 are highly encouraged to register for the grade appropriate faith formation program-regardless of the sacraments already received or yet to receive.  Faith formation programs are open to registered parishioners.  If you have not joined our parish, please submit a Parish Registration form with your faith formation registration.

 To register, please stop by the Faith Formation office Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

K-5 Family Faith Formation Calendar & Checklist

Spanish K-5 Family Faith Formation Calendar & Checklist










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